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Previously, the garden had been landscaped in a very generic form, with a textbook design layout that offered little consideration to making a connection with the interior and ultimately made the garden appear a lot smaller than it is. Our client asked us to explore how we could marry the contemporary kitchen extension and large expanse of glass with the garden, in a way that would provide a more useable space for outdoor cooking, relaxing and dining.


Firstly, we needed to start by thinking about the space as a blank canvas and remove the vast amount of features included in the previous scheme. The garden had a number of attractive plants, however, because of the way the planting beds had been built, they had lost their shape or started to block the light. We presented various options for the paving in the garden and our clients settled on light colours, sandstone ‘planks’ that would push the garden outwards by being laid in a stretcher bond pattern across the layout. A small area of lawn was retained for our client’s dog to enjoy and we used Namgrass Green Elise artificial lawn that provides a practical, permeable solution for ground cover. A built in timber bench allows planting beneath to soften its appearance and provide further interest to the soft landscaping scheme. An evergreen multi-stemmed tree planted for structural interest also hides the barbecue from the main line of sight from the house. There are delicate herbaceous perennials including Astrantia, Erigeron and Brunnera, along with flowering and structural shrubs such as Hydrangea, Garrya and Buxus balls. Our client chose a ‘Big Green Egg’ housed in a contemporary, polished concrete ‘WWOO’ kitchen unit, that we had custom built in the Netherlands, to provide a versatile cooking solution and outdoor kitchen.


From all angles of the garden and internally from the kitchen and lounge area, the new garden design is a seamless extension of the interior. A row of evergreen trees provide much needed privacy from the windows of the properties behind. With light and character, this garden has been carefully designed to provide a balance between the hard landscaping elements and the planting. It is easy to enjoy the garden with the bi-folding doors open whilst working from home or hosting dinner and drinks for friends in the outdoor kitchen area. The steps have been adjusted to allow additional cushions and seating, to accommodate for those bigger summer gatherings and special occasions.

I truly enjoyed working with Tony and his team. My wife and I are very pleased with the result and feel they fully understood our brief to them. They were very helpful and patient during the initial phase to ensure we remained on budget, but could get our dream garden. The team is extremely hard working and careful during the whole process. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Garden Club.

Wendy C, Wandsworth



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