Classic Courtyard

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This client’s brief was to work with the main structural elements already in place, but to explore how the terraced garden could be integrated and feel more open and inviting from the enclosed lower levels. The new garden scheme needed to be traditional without feeling dated and contain cottage garden favourites, which would also include keeping and renovating one of the established shrubs and climbing roses. Our client enjoys gardening, however, the workload needed to be minimised where possible whilst keeping a relaxed softness to the planting.


The first step to making the space integrate more with the other levels was to widen and add depth to the narrow steps that made the upper level feel higher than it actually was. We used a traditional sandstone for all of the surfaces and inlaid a circle detail using smaller sandstone setts. As the garden is also viewed from above, we added curved raised beds to define the subtle circle in the scheme and to lift foliage away from the ground, particularly on the left of the garden where a reproduction lead water trough is fed from a lead mask providing a calming trickle of water. Traditional style trellis in soft sage green provides privacy and a support for the climbing roses. To further lighten the garden and add depth, a mirror was placed behind a section of trellis, to subtly reflect other views of the planting.


The garden is still clearly set on different levels, however, the larger format steps push the feeling of depth and widen the entire space visually, whilst harmonising the levels. A traditional Boxwood hedge is used along the top of the brick wall to further introduce greenery to the lower parts of the garden and soften the view from the kitchen window. Seasonal flowers occupy the garden from early spring right through to October and a balanced structure of evergreen plants offers year round interest from all view points, with added winter interest coming from Camellias and Hellebores.

When we were having our house completely renovated, I was very keen to redo the garden; my husband less so! 
I found Garden Club online, Tony came around to discuss our ideas and plans..
He more than fulfilled the brief; our garden looks wonderful. The whole team did a great job; always cleaning up spotlessly ,even when it had got dark! And my husband now says that it’s the best bit of the whole project.
We’re looking forward to spending lots of time out there. We did spend more than we anticipated; but it was worth every penny.

Amanda A, Putney



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