Urban London garden design


Garden design for a small space in London

Garden design for a small space in London

We recently returned to the small urban oasis garden design in SW London to see how the garden and the client were doing. The garden has been planted for over a year now and the planting scheme and atmosphere of the garden are developing well. Our Client has added a number of seasonal pots of herbs, salads and fruit to complement the scheme.



The garden design concept was developed after getting to know the needs of the homeowners and listening to their brief. The garden ultimately needed to have wow factor when viewed from the open plan interior and through the bifold doors that frame the view of the garden space. The family wanted an outdoor space to relax and entertain but it was important that this did not dominate the the garden design or seem too hard so lots of soft planting was a must. The brave decision to scrap the lawn was made when a diverse and structural planting scheme was proposed.


Small urban garden design with seating and lush planting

Small urban garden design with seating and lush planting

The urban London garden design plan firstly tackled the boundaries and these were clad in thin western red cedar batons fixed horizontally to make the whole garden appear bigger whilst ensuring ultimate privacy. This also creates a great back drop for the plants. A small bike and tool store was included in the design and also used to break up the space. Reclaimed timber including scaffold boarding was used to build seating with an angled back for relaxing and an upper and lower decking area to create two areas to the garden – one for entertaining and one as an entrance to the garden that opened up the space and allows all of the planting to be appreciated from inside the home, particularly at night when the garden lighting design is used to full effect.



The garden design has a number of planting elements for year round evergreen, structural interest including large Buxus sempervirens balls and Trachelospermum jasminiodes creeping to break up the boundary fences. Spring sees a welcome burst of fresh zesty green foliage on Tree Fern Dicksonia antartica and the delicate bronze heart shaped leaves of Epimedium beneath the stems of Tulip ‘Flaming Spring Green’ and ‘Queen of Night’. Later in spring and into earlier summer architectural foliage of Rodgersia and Dryopteris lift the whole scheme before a late summer finale of Persicaria ‘Firecracker’ romps between the Buxus with fresh spikes of burgundy flowers.