Society of Garden Designers Awards winner 2021

Society of Garden Designers Award for small gardens and landscapes 2021: Garden Club London

Principal designer Tony Woods was honoured to be selected as the winner of the small gardens and landscapes category 2021 at the prestigious Society of Garden Designers Awards for our ‘Borough Sanctuary’ project. The garden, which was also featured in Homes and Gardens Magazine October 2021 edition was selected by the judges as a finalist and then the overall award winner.

A truly secret garden creating a sanctuary in the middle of a busy, noisy area of London. Layers of green are cleverly used to link the garden to the different floors of the house and to the location beyond. Clever nooks and seating areas have been created without the space feeling cramped. Beautiful planting leads you on a scented journey to different areas and existing materials and plants have been rescued and celebrated rather than being removed and replaced

You can find out more about the garden design by visiting the portfolio