Roof Garden design London

ROOF GARDEN DESIGN┬áis one of the most popular services offered by Garden Club London. We also offer garden ‘styling’ for smaller roof terraces and balconies where we can use our vast garden design experience to provide pots, planters, lighting and accessories to give your home a superb finishing touch. We are lucky to have worked on some very large roof garden spaces with stunning views. A roof terrace or roof garden can really add the wow factor to a property, setting it apart from the neighbours and increasing the value and desirability of the property as a whole. Ultimately having a roof terrace will give you an extension of your home and improve your lifestyle by providing an oasis of calm in the city.

Our expert plant knowledge allows us to select and install plants that will suit the site and aspect of the roof garden as well as fit the design brief. Planting styles on an exposed roof terrace can be limited but we love the challenge of creating a green oasis where our clients previously thought that nothing could grow. We can also install irrigation systems to provide essential moisture for the plants. We aim to provide a sustainable planting scheme in all of our gardens but planting on roofs is a demanding task that often requires additional water and fertiliser to help the plants establish.


One of the main considerations for designing a roof garden is the access. Some of our projects have involved cranes to allow materials and large plants to be positioned on the roof without damaging interiors or disturbing neighbours. We will also assess the weight that the roof structure can hold and appoint a structural engineer where appropriate to assess the existing weight allowance and cross reference our proposed scheme to ensure that the landscaping work will not jeopardise the tolerance of the structure.


The most popular surface for a roof garden is decking as it is easy to lay on a framework that will not damage the existing roof and the weight is moderate in comparison to some stone alternatives. When stone is a feature of the roof garden design, we use specialist adjustable pads to allow air to flow around the stone, drainage and to give a smooth and level finish whilst providing adequate support for the stone.

This is usually complemented by cobbles or pebbles in areas that are not suited to using deck or stone. There is a vast range of planters and these range from traditional timber to very modern and contemporary steel planters in a range of finishes from rusty effects to slick neutral colours. Planters with built in lights can also be very effective on a roof terrace when planted with up lighters for added interest in the evening.