Recent London garden makeover projects

IMG_08121Despite recent weather conditions we have continued to inspire some summer spirit in our clients and our small garden projects have been as popular as ever particularly for those who are looking to improve existing gardens without the expense of a full garden re-design or clients preparing to sell or rent their homes.

We use our experience of soft and hard landscaping skills to create attractive outdoor spaces that combine a balance of planting and features such as decking, fencing and paving. Garden Club London is a unique plantsman led design and installation company that starts the design process looking at the green elements of the garden. The existing trees and shrubs can often give a mature feel to the garden if pruned and trained into shape by one of our professional horticulturists, we then consult on the planting requirements wether they be low maintenance evergreens, herbs for the kitchen or lots of cottage garden planting. When we have the planting plan brief we can then look at the existing property, the materials it is constructed from, the surrounding area and architecture and then formulate a design proposal. Many clients like this fresh approach that works for them and their garden rather than a landscaper who simply wants to sell you as much paving and hard landscaping as possible leaving the atmosphere of the garden and the plants as an awkward afterthought.

IMG_05372Recently we have carried out lots of small garden makeovers and re-designs but particularly outdoor spaces that have not previously been seen as usable garden space including basement light wells, large balconies and yard space. Often the key to success with designing a small urban space is simplicity but this should not be confused with the harshness of many contemporary modern garden designs. One example is a small basement terrace recently installed in Notting Hill by Garden Club London. Using natural and sustainably resourced materials such as timber decking and sandstone the hard landscaping fits well with the existing property that is a combination of rendered brick and london stock bricks. For the planting of shady area we have chosen the structure of Box balls in varying sizes (Buxus sempervirens) and soft green texture of Hackonechloa macra, a small ornamental grass native to Japan.

IMG_0279A recent garden project in SW9 close to our Brixton office had all of the ‘bones’ of a good garden with some solid timber features but little interest. Not wanting to waste the work that the previous owner had carried out, the new owner appointed Garden Club London to come u with some suggestions for a makeover that would not involve spending a fortune and make use of the existing structure. This work involved restoring the existing softwood deck and removing the algae and dirt build up by pressure washing before applying new preservative. The existing raised bed needed to become more of a feature but the planting had to be low maintenance and also low allergy. A selection of evergreen grasses, Phormium and Buxus were used to give structural planting with varying height and texture. Cedar cladding was built as a frame over the existing fence and the border was finished with slate aggregate to reduce weeding and preserve moisture.

IMG_0836As well as small garden projects we have had lots of planting designs and gardens which require a full design. Their have been some particularly challenging gardens to design in south west London including a large family garden in SW19 and a new development in Clapham requiring some clever planting to create screens and swathes of colour throughout the year. Our specialism is planting and horticulture and the growth of our garden maintenance contracts in Clapham, Wandsworth and south west London highlights the quality of service provided by Garden Club London and knowledge and hard work of our team has won the loyalty of many clients looking for a suitably qualified and hard working gardener looking to maintain their garden. Garden Club London have also built a reputation for carrying out garden tidy up services across the capital with some clearances taking as little as 3 hours and other more detailed pruning and thinning work completed by a qualified gardener in a day.