Planting pots and containers installation service in London

Pots and containers are a great way of adding instant colour and impact to a garden design, terrace or balcony. Garden Club London provide a one stop shop for supply and installation of planters, pots and containers to commercial and residential outdoor spaces including roof terraces, shop fronts and homes. We provide a huge range of planting containers and also offer a bespoke made to measure service for more unusual shapes and sizes of planter.


Planting containers to form a natural screen from unsightly objects such as air conditioning units or ugly buildings is a popular request for the Garden Club London installation team. We can provide a range of planters in varying heights and materials to match your interior or existing exterior features. High planters with low planting look great to form a contemporary barrier and sturdy low planters will supper taller plants such as bamboo and hedging to give a stunning green back drop and subtle privacy from neighbours and passers by. Evergreen plants work best if you are creating a privacy screen but grasses with textured seed heads can provide a soft and transparent screen particularly suited to roof terraces and contemporary garden designs where privacy is not such a priority.



The most popular way of planting roof terraces and balconies is planters as the weight can be calculated easily to ensure no structural damage to the property and the planters and pots form features and physical barriers where it is not possible or too costly to begin contraction of physical features. Our planting experts can help select drought and wind tolerant plants to brighten up your roof garden. Garden Club London can also install irrigation systems to compliment our low maintenance planting schemes for complete peace of mind. We most commonly use trough planters on roof terraces as they have a large soil capacity to support the growth of plants over a long period of time and can hold moisture in the spring and summer months to prevent the planting drying out.



Garden Club London provide a vast range of colourful plants and planters for year round colour and interest selected to suit your taste. We also provide edible window boxes and planters filled with seasonal fruit, salad and herbs popular for kitchen windowsills and terraces. Choosing the right plants is crucial to a colourful planting display in your containers and pots that will provide a stunning display for the whole season. Our most popular plants for summer are Impatiens for shade (Busy Lizzie) and Petunia for Sun whilst violas and Cyclamen are firm favourites for Autumn and winter planting schemes mixed with spring bulbs for added impact.



Garden Club London offer an expert garden planter supply and installation service from window boxes to large feature planters. We have the experience and knowledge to provide you with sustainable planting to suit your taste and requirement and planters that offer great value. If you have a specific planting scheme or planter in mind then we would be happy to install the scheme or alternatively we offer a design service to look at different options and provide the perfect scheme for your garden.