Planting designer London

Planting design is Garden Club London’s passion and specialism. We work with suppliers across the UK and Europe to source the finest quality plants included specimen trees and shrubs as well as thousands of colourful perennial plants every year. For our larger projects we visit the individual nursery and tag the exact plants ourselves. We guarantee the plants for the first year establishment to give our clients complete piece of mind.

Our planting design service begins with a consultation, This is usually free of charge depending on the location of the project. We will then send outline proposals and costs for the suggested work. We are experienced garden designers and offer a full design and build service which is attractive to clients who are looking for a quality garden design that is not dominated by hard landscaping and allows an abundance of planting.

Planting is a stunning asset to any garden if it is chosen carefully to suit the garden and the clients desire to maintain the garden. It is easy to achieve low maintenance planting that does not have to be boring. Garden planting also has benefits for wildlife, helps to  absorb excess run off water particularly in urban environments and planting is also proven to help reduce stress levels.

We will assess the aspect of the garden during the consultation, taking into account where the sun and shade are in the garden and at what time of day. This will also help us to assess which plants will be hardy and the ultimate height of the planting in the future. A soil sample will be taken away for assessment  if you would like us to proceed with designing the planting scheme so that we can analyse the structure and acidity of the soil. This will help determine the plants that are used in the garden planting scheme and ensure that they thrive. Soil analysis will also tell us if the soil would benefit from the addition of organic matter.

Planting design consultations will assess your own personal taste and preference as well as the suitability of any plants that you would like to use in your garden. Larger gardens will benefit from using swathes of planting and varying the height and structure. Small gardens particularly those with a contemporary layout to the garden design will look bigger if a small range of plants is carefully selected and repeated through the garden.