Outdoor Kitchen Garden Design

There is something special about inviting friends and family for dinner and cooking in the outdoors. Garden Club have a wealth of experience in creating outdoor kitchens of all kinds and work with a range of specialist suppliers to integrate everything from charcoal to electric cooking devices into seamless garden designs. When outdoor kitchens are designed and installed by Garden Club we consider not only how the feature will look but also the practicality of using the kitchen. How many guests are you likely to cook for? How often will you use the appliance? How much preparation and storage space will you need? We ask our clients all of the right questions to come up with the right design solution for you and your garden.

The type and size of outdoor kitchen required by our clients varies hugely and ranges from a simple BBQ to complex Gas arrangements with rotisseries and heat control options. Charcoal appliances are still hugely popular and ‘Big Green Egg’ is a very popular option for keen cooks looking for versatility. Electric cooking options are a great solution for properties such as new build developments with restrictions on the use of charcoal BBQ’s.

Other features to consider in the outdoor kitchen in fridges – often not required in a small garden however a very useful investment for a roof terrace where carrying food and drinks up narrow stairs is best done in advance of your guests arrival. Ice trays and buckets also serve as a cost effective alternative for keeping drinks cool. Where a water supply is near it is often beneficial to incorporate a sink for washing fruit, veg and hands between cooking. Our qualified, experienced and award winning garden design team are available to help you realise your outdoor kitchen. Contact us for more details and to discuss your requirements.