London Garden Design

Dinsmore_2London garden designs by Garden Club London. We offer expert advice and are London garden design specialists. We don’t just say that – we are happy to provide references or show examples of our garden designs both on paper or a personal tour of a garden by a satisfied client. We have a great team of stonemasons, carpenters, electricians and hard and soft landscapers to take care  of your garden design project with the specialist project management expertise of Garden Club London.

What do you want from your garden? Your garden design consultation will involve lots of questions – some you will not have thought of, any many that you will be busting to answer, real bug bearers and design problems that you are looking to resolve. Our design package aims to be as flexible and reasonable as possible without weighing you down with unforeseen extras. We are thorough and provide itemised details for all of the aspects of the garden design from skilled and reliable craftsmen.


Our initial sketches will give you an idea of what you can expect from our services, vision, honesty and passion are three key ingredients to our garden designs. Your consultation will give you a good idea of our capabilities and suitability to your project. If a swanky salesmen from a ‘landscape company’ bounces into your home, offers you a free or refundable design fee for less than the cost of a days work – then guess what you are likely to get for the price? That will suit a lot of potential clients and if you know exactly what you want, it is simple straight forward paving and beds that simply need to be laid out on paper then we are more than happy to do that too. However, if your garden needs more attention to detail, real features, planting that will not only give you the wow factor but thrive, and last you as long as the time you intend to spend  in your house then contact Garden Club for a design consultation for a garden for all seasons and a real ‘lifespan’. We have even designed a pirate ship play house and jungle planting for children that are 7 that will convert into a cool and quirky retreat as a pergola when the kids depart for university for a family home that is meant to be forever.


From small london gardens at the back of a terrace to larger gardens of a detached house in a conservation area we have produced designs with great results and happy clients that come back to us for our regular or one off garden maintenance services depending on how the garden has been designed to suit the clients time commitments.

What will your garden design cost? If you have a budget in mind then we are happy to design with this in mind. If you are not sure how much your ideal garden will cost then we can give you outline figures at consultation stage before proceeding with the garden design and build but do bear in mind that alterations to the design will cost a little extra. Have faith in the design – some clients contact us because they know little about plants or garden design but choose to tweak! If your plants do not grow in the first twelve months other than lack of water we will replace them so please have faith! Some clients prefer to have a design with a gap between the build and planting, for example just before a renovation is complete so that a budget for the whole project can be determined. If you are planning a conversion, extension or genially anything involving bi-fold doors that will look out onto your garden and if you are planning on painting your walls light colours then contact us as soon as possible so that we can do the dirty work before you put the finishing touches to your interior.


Garden Club London are experienced, qualified and fully insured gardeners, horticulturists and landscapers involving both hard landscaping (paving, fencing, decking etc) and soft landscaping (lawns, planting shrubs, trees, perennials etc)