Landscape Architecture & Design

At Garden Club London we see the landscape differently. First and foremost we are horticulturally tuned and our growing landscape architecture studio was borne from a growing garden design business that continues to lead in the field of domestic garden design and quickly gained an enviable reputation for creating a range of bigger and more complex spaces from retail to education landscapes.

Overseen by creative director Tony Woods, the in house team of landscape architects work on a variety of projects from complex planting schemes for large gardens and estates to complete redesign of residential and commercial spaces. Our ethos is very much led by nature and our work stands out for its rich planting schemes and use of natural materials. We offer a range of creative solutions to make the most of outdoor space and create atmosphere and sense of place where often there has been little more than baron concrete.

Our designs are produced after a lot of listening and formulating ideas suited to the specific needs of the site and the client rather than the more sweeping generic solutions that are often applied to landscapes. We are a small studio that can work with our clients as a close knit team that react to feedback and changes quickly and practically. As well as our in house team we have a vast range of connections in a whole range of specialisms and can draw on the expertise of trusted specialists from aquatics to structural expertise.

Our Work Includes

  • Gardens
  • Parks, play and recreation
  • Rural landscapes
  • Waterside landscape design
  • Roof gardens
  • Schools
  • Retail
  • Bars and pubs
  • Restaurants
  • Offices and commercial spaces
  • New build residential landscape design

Landcscape architects

landscape designers