Garden design using Bricks as surfacing

Brick design details in Urban Gardens


Bricks or clay pavers are a very versatile material in garden design. We have recently completed a number of projects where we have used them to add detail within areas of paving, exploring different colours, finishes and laying patterns.

In the UK, clay bricks are part of a strong vernacular tradition of building and one that is still extremely popular, especially in London. As such, we find bricks can help create a cohesive design linking architecture with the garden in both contemporary and traditional settings. The finish and colour of a brick is determined by the clay used in the manufacture, the firing and finishing processes. As a result the range of brick colours and finishes is extensive. This enables us to work with architects to match or compliment the palette of a building or other existing features. Alternatively we sometimes create bespoke blends for a garden which creates a unique design aesthetic. Finishes include ‘tumbled’ which softens the edges of the brick and creates a more traditional and relaxed feel.

For designers, clay bricks provide a wealth of opportunities for creating unique details and finishes. We have used them to create a contemporary step and riser detail and laid them with different patterns to create movement and space within a garden. They also work well combined with other paving materials to create details such as defining an outdoor room or dining area within your paving or a contrasting edging detail. When used to create a pathway they can create movement due to their narrow profile and small unit size and there are also various options for jointing which can create a distinct feel.

As garden designers we play a key role in considering drainage and water sustainability in our material specification which is particularly important in an urban setting. Clay pavers can be laid as a permeable surface allowing excess rainwater to slowly pass through rather than running off in to local watercourses. So a great material all round!