Do you need a designer to take a fresh look at your garden in London?

Why employ the services of a garden designer?

Getting the most from your London garden is as important as any other aspect of your home. The main difference is that the garden is usually the last priority. You would not enjoy cooking in your kitchen with a sink that was too small, no seating area for entertaining or if the decor had not been updated in the last 10 years. So why should your garden be any different?

A well experienced garden designer can help you to see your garden from a new angle, looking at the positives and tackling the negatives with new and innovative ideas from privacy to storage solutions. As well as practical solutions the ultimate aim of a great garden design is to have impact, a real wow factor. The transformation of an outdoor space involves many factors. Garden Club do not just design gardens but we will guide you through the whole project from concept to completion and beyond including ongoing maintenance packages, outdoor cleaning, ongoing advice and a guarantee of workmanship. We work with a superb collection of tried and tested craftsmen from joiners to stone masons that make up our hard landscaping team. Ultimately our reputation is based on the designs, service and quality that we deliver. By employing our garden design services you are buying complete peace of mind. Our garden designer is based in London and regular site visits and updates are made. We go the extra mile to offer a design service that is for London gardens and their owners – from 6.30am site visits before our client went to work last week through to weekend consultations.

What will the garden design consist of?

The garden design service that we offer aims to be as comprehensive as possible whilst being affordable and flexible. A basic garden design for a simple project might just consist of a site layout plan detailing hard landscape features and planting beds. This service usually costs around £250 but is refundable if we carry out the project.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and arrange a free consultation. We will be able to give you a cost for our full design service when we have assessed your garden. Our design fee for a small garden is around £4-500 and averages £850 for larger spaces. Our most popular and comprehensive garden design service takes around 3-4 weeks to complete and consists of the following:

Site visit – Free of charge to discuss the various requirements of the garden design. We will carry out a survey of the garden boundaries and features and take photographs. We will often make some sketches on site to take away and develop ideas and costs.

Concepts – You will receive a concept materials and planting mood board to give you an idea of the finished appearance of the garden landscaping. We will discuss your preferences and amend the materials accordingly. Basic outline plans will be shown to you to give you an idea of the proposed shapes, areas and layout of the new garden. We will listen to your feedback and make any amendments as necessary.

Design plan – when you have agreed the basic layout we will then work on the design plan, this is the birds eye view of what your finished garden design will look like. This will show the ‘hard landscape’ which is the paving, steps, joinery etc and an outline of the ‘soft landscape’ which is the lawn, trees, planting of shrubs, herbs, etc.

Visuals – The really exciting part! Seeing what your garden will look like in real life when the mud and rubble has gone. We include  three visual drawings from different angles of the garden to help you visualise what the design will really bring to your outside space.

Planting plan – The planting plan picks up the detail of the soft landscaping, it allows you to see how the garden plants will be set out, the quantities and positions. The visuals of the garden design will give a good idea of the leaf shapes, colour and textures of the planting scheme and a mood board of plant photographs will be provided at consultation stage to help give you an idea of what thew planting design will include and also the opportunity to flag and plants that you do not want to include.