Design for a very small garden design

Think your garden or outside space is too small to do anything with?

Tiny Garden design

Welcome to our world of small and tiny garden design.  I’d love to do something with my garden but I think it is just too small! is often heard when we pick up the phone or read an email from a potential new client. Luckily, in a city that has to make use of every inch inside your home, we’ve got quite good (and slightly addicted) to making dreary and small outside spaces into something quite special.


This tiny garden is no exception – one of our smallest designs ever! Previously broken concrete has been transformed with a combination of light grey indian sandstone in different sizes. Large slabs open up the main space, cobbles define the areas and add detail and long, thin lengths of stone push back the walls of the narrow side passage that provides access to the garden from the house. Lines of herbs and creepers break up the paving to soften the overall scheme with scent, colour and texture.



Our design studio utilised as much ‘dead’ space as possible with planting to allow the biggest open area possible for entertaining and practicalities like hanging out washing or mending a bike. The planting is low maintenance and mostly shade tolerant. Lots of textural ferns and grasses have been crammed under the seating and the partition wall has been lined with a bespoke planter that accommodates trailing plants and seasonal bulbs and flowers to add interest in every season. Faithful climbing Hydrangea petiolaris occupies a spot at the back of the garden in a narrow planting pocket – this will happily romp away over the next few years to smother the wall with self supporting zesty green leaves and cream flowers in spring. Evergreen jasmine, Trachelospermum jasminoides is trained over the seating area to break up the rendered wall and provide scent on summer evenings after work.

narrow-garden-paving-ideas Yard-design-London

What was previously an unloved back yard with broken concrete and crumbling brickwork now gives an extension of a small terraced house, somewhere to relax, eat, read a sunday paper in a sunny corner, pick herbs for the kitchen and ultimately significantly increase the quality of life for 2 very busy and hard working Londoners. So, if you think it’s time you invested in a garden design – get in contact and we’d love to hear about your tiny garden!