Contemporary garden design in London

Contemporary garden design to most, means a modern look. Clean lines, symmetry and light are all very obvious aspects of contemporary garden design.

Small-urban-garden-design-LondonWhen you search around on the web and flick through glossy magazines there is no end of garden designers and landscapers who have their take on contemporary garden design. So many of the gardens are superbly executed, a perfect balance of nature and structure. A really great garden wants me to be there and after designing a lot of gardens over the years, I can tell a good garden just from one picture. On the other hand I can also tell a bad ‘contemporary’ garden with a glance. I was having a google search recently on the images page. It was really sad that some of the most appallingly bad gardens were ranked so highly. The majority of the contemporary gardens on show have a huge amount of hard landscaping, lots of paving, chunky rendered walls and masses of horizontal fence panels. (It’s starting to sound like some of ours!) All of that stuff is pretty essential to the garden but what gave some of the designs the bad garden factor was the scale of the features. One example was a raised bed that held a built in bench. The beds were so huge, rising far above the level of the meek bench that would struggle to hold half a bum cheek!

Scale and proportion are absolutely crucial for creating a great contemporary garden design, in London space is at a premium and making the absolute most of every inch is a work of art. Contemporary can also mean ‘of the period’ which is a bit of a contradiction but when it comes to designing a contemporary garden design, working with the period of the property and the surrounding area is also key to success. It is hard to deny that with many of the modern day alterations to period London properties such as large glass openings, bi-fold doors and basement conversions, a contemporary style of garden is the perfect compliment to bring indoors and outside together.

The nature of an urban contemporary garden is one of low maintenance when it comes to looking after the planting but be aware that light coloured features in the garden will demand a certain amount of regular cleaning to keep the garden looking good. Pollution, algae, foxes and birds will all contribute to giving your beautiful new garden a ‘lived in’ look shortly after completion.

contemporary-garden-designGarden Club contemporary garden designs also give good planting impact using suitable low maintenance plants with the structure and colour to balance the hard landscaping to create a garden or outdoor room rather than a minimalist yard. All too often contemporary garden designs lack the planting that is required to give the relaxing and enjoyable ambience to the new modern garden. We carefully hand pick the plant selection based on the soil and aspect of the garden and detail a planting plan with 3D visuals and pictures so that you know exactly what you new contemporary garden design will look like.

A great advantage of contemporary garden design particularly in London where gardens are generally squares or rectangles is that the simple lines of a good design lend themselves to incorporating different features such a storage boxes, toy cupboards and simple bespoke furniture that adds to the practicality of the new garden space.

Garden Club London offer free consultations and are happy to give outline costs before proceeding to the design stage of a projects. Please call us on 020 3735 5138 or email to arrange a visit to your garden.