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What we do

Designing and building gardens and landscapes from concept to completion with a passion and dedication like no other. Our specialist in house team of Designers, Landscape Architects and Landscapers work with a range of clients to produce creative solutions and award winning standards of workmanship.

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Case study

Clapham (Residential)

G.HUTEAU, CLAPHAM Tony and his team transformed my sad garden in Clapham into a year-round source of delight. Carefully chosen flowers bloom in sequences throughout the seasons, while a set of small trees brighten up the worst winter days. They tastefully redesigned the area, providing expert advice not just on plants but on material, layout, outdoor furniture, extra features like outdoor fireplace, barbecue. Work was carried out meticulously and professionally, and we appreciated their guidance with our new outdoor space well after the project was completed. Toggle panel

Richmond (Residential)

S.PRUDHOMME, RICHMOND I am thrilled with the garden. It’s nice every day of the year, even when it’s raining or windy. Toggle panel

John Lewis (Commercial)

Peter Cross, Customer Experience Director, John Lewis Garden Club applied themselves with a passion, professionalism and a dedication that has made the garden the success it is. Toggle panel