Garden design for small urban spaces

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Many of the garden design requests that we receive from clients with homes in London involve small spaces. These involve everything from front gardens, back gardens, roof terraces or small balconies. One situation that we see very often now is the light well of a new basement conversion or sunken garden of a new or refurbished basement flat.

These areas can be challenging to design and plant but in our experience the key to success is simplicity. Getting the planting selection right is essential. Most basement garden areas are part or total shade and although not a huge range of flowering plants is available for these tough conditions, there is a wealth of shade loving plants with interesting leaf colour, texture and structure that can create a dramatic display.

When access is restricted or time is scarce it is also important to choose plants and containers that are low maintenance, do not make a mess (leaf drop etc) and also plants that look good throughout the seasons. Small garden design is a challenging but thoroughly rewarding process and the results can change the whole feel of garden and the rooms that look out onto the space.

Small urban space planting

Ferns are ideal for shady spaces

London urban and small garden design

Basement light well after planting

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012


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